There’s no other way to put it….FUCK YEAH!

Oooooh baby, I am on a ROLL! Ok, let me back up.

Today is the “official” weigh-in for this week, because we’re going out of town for the weekend. And let me tell you, my jaw hit the floor when I got on the scale.

164.4 pounds!

Last Saturday, I was 168.8. That’s about 4 and a half pounds lost! Now, some of that was coming out of my period…definitely don’t expect that every week. But I’m VERY happy to see the positive effects of keto. I need to remind myself of this during the next inevitable stall.

Now a plug for a really cool app – it’s called Carrot. They have a couple different ones, but there’s one specifically for weight loss, and I think it’s great. The whole vibe of the Carrot apps are they’re sort of supposed to be assholes – they’ll bother you if you don’t log into them enough, they’ll call you “fatty,” etc etc, but honestly it’s not really mean. Or I have thick skin and don’t get insulted by technology, who knows? But I love the weight loss tracker because in their log, they have all your stats, including a graph tracking your total loss, your start dates, how much you’ve done so far, how much you have left to go, and so on. It’s nice to see it all layed out like that.

Alright, super proud of myself. Going to take progress pictures. I didn’t take any pictures when I was 181, unfortunately. The most recent I have are at around 175. Ah well, live and learn. I’m going to go for a walk! Can’t wait to see what it says next week!

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Hello wagon, I’ve missed you.

So because I’m me, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t always do this, around my birthday I fell off the wagon. Got down to 169-ish after a stall in keto, then broke by eating delicious delicious hibachi. Ok, I reasoned, that’s fine. It was my birthday. But then I broke about 5 more times that week. Felt sort of rough by the end of it. Went from 169 to 173-174  again. So I decided – no more cheating. It triggers a cycle for me. I buckled down and got back to keto, hard. And then, of course, I got my period.

So life is a bit unfair, yeah? However, I didn’t break keto! Through the bloating and the cramping, I stayed strong. For our Game of Thrones viewing party, I forbade anyone from bringing any non-keto food over. We had a great cookout, and I didn’t hate myself in the morning! When I went out with my friend to Chipotle, I got a burrito bowl and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was feeling proud!

And I kept feeling proud when I got on the scale this morning and read 167.6 pounds! 2 hours before my regular weigh-in time, at that! What’s more, I’m almoooost fitting comfortably back in the size 8 jeans, and I’m wearing my wedding ring again!

I can’t wait to say goodbye to the 160’s one more time. Once I’m back in the 150’s, this weight gain will be just a bad memory and I can move forward to where I want to be.

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Unexpected, yet delicious!

Quest Pasta


I know, that’s what I would think too. Only that’s NOT what it looks like. It’s Quest Pasta, made of Konjac root, and it’s 0 carbs! 20 calories, and a fair amount of fiber. I’m seriously amazed. The texture is definitely different – more like asian noodles. My husband had the idea of trying to pan-fry them, which I’m going to try tomorrow. Hopefully that will make them a little less chewy.

Unfortunately, they’re kind of expensive. But honestly, I think it’s totally worth it – low calorie AND low carb? This is like finding a unicorn. Quest also makes bars, which I’m going to be picking up soon. They sell them at GNC. I don’t think I can find the pasta anywhere but online, but I’ll definitely be buying a couple more packs soon :)

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I did it! And then I undid it!

Well, this was the week that I got into the 160’s! YAAAAAAAAAAAY! A round of applause and lots of accolades, thank you!

This was also the week that I broke keto for the first time and of course, went back out of the 160’s!


You might detect that despite undoing hard work (and a goal I’ve been working towards), I’m in a chipper mood. It’s true! There are a few reasons for this. One is, one of my very best friends drove several hours to visit me, so that’s just generally awesome. Secondly, last night I broke keto at my birthday dinner by eating hibachi, and not only was it delicious, but I actually didn’t stuff my face! Now, I loooooooooove hibachi fried rice. I mean, more than most people in the world. And I ate only about 1/5th of my rice, because I recognized when I got full, so I stopped eating. So even though it was a cheat, it was a huge milestone for me.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, the scale only went up by a pound from my 169.8 a few days ago. I may have dropped a little more between then and now, but from my perspective I’m only bloating by a pound, so I’m happy. Now I’m crossing my fingers that my cheat day will kick me back into losing weight, and I’ll see that number again soon….and pass it!

I’m not going to log my “official” weigh-in until tomorrow, because this week has been all crazy and I’m going to give myself a day to recover.

Happy spring!

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Back down a little bit this morning, to 171.0 again. Hate being halfway through the week and almost half a pound heavier than I was on Saturday. But I’m just going to keep on going, and look for evidence of my hard work elsewhere. For instance, my pants! I’m almost back into the size 8’s, as pictured below:

Size 10 Size 8

Also, still going down in inches! Lost another half inch off my waist and almost half inch off my hips. So I’m going to stay positive. Regardless of what the scale says.

Size 6’s by June!

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‘Stall bad again, guys :(

Arrrrgggghhhhh keto. I love you and I hate you.

I love you because I know, eventually, you will work wonders for me. In some ways you already have. But I know that once I actually get my body acclimated to you, I will actually hit my goal weight AND lower my body fat percentage. And my skin might get better. And my energy will keep improving. And I’ll sleep better. And I’ll have a much higher chance of keeping the weight off.

But I hate you because you suck in the beginning!!!

My weigh-in on Saturday was 170.6 pounds. Hooray! Almost to the 160’s! It will be such a relief to get there! That also brings my weight loss for that week to 3.2 pounds. Also hooray! I mean, the week before that, I had gained a pound, but I was on my period so that doesn’t count. And while I was very happy to have broken the stall and see my weight drop again, I did say that it was possible that I was yet to enter PISS, and I would stall again.

Or even gain, it seems.

Three days later and I’m up a pound, to 171.6. And it sucks! I know it’s part of the keto process but I just want this part OVER already!!! My goal is to lose 9 pounds a month as of 5 days ago, for 3 months. That puts me at 144 pounds by my goal of being a healthy weight. And now a week is almost gone from when I set that goal, and I’m UP half a pound. It’s just very, very discouraging. Especially when I feel like I’m doing everything right. I’m in keto, I’m eating at a calorie deficit, I’m going to the gym.


Just have to keep calm and keto on. 9 pounds a month is still the goal. Keto works in stalls and then big losses, so if I lost 4+ pounds for 2 weeks and nothing for 2 weeks, I’ll get there. Hopefully it will level out eventually, and be more steady. Not perfectly steady, just more.

So I’m drinking at least a gallon of water a day, gym 5x a week, and eating under 15 net carbs a day. If I don’t start losing again I’m going to move it down to 10, then cut out cheese. I also decided that if I don’t break out of this stall by the time my birthday party rolls around, I’m going to go out of keto and eat sushi and cake. If I have started losing again by then, I’m going to stick with keto and eat hibachi steak and salad. Apparently sometimes you can break a stall if you have a cheat day. But I’m not going to fuck with things if they start going in my direction again!

Happy birthday to me….

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Good surprise!

Woke up this morning feeling really blegh. Stayed out WAY too late last night, having to wake up way too early, and though I didn’t drink I woke up feeling rather hungover from two nights in a row of sleep deprivation. I drank a gross energy drink last night. Though it was sugar-free and 0 carbs, by morning I’d still convinced myself that it was going to take me out of keto or bloat me. So I decided to take my measurements, and lo and behold….another inch gone from the waist/hips! Down to 32/43.5! So that feels good. I want to lose a total of 3 inches off my waist and hips per month. I first took my measurements on February 17th, and now a month later…I’m down 3.5 inches off the waist and hips! Ahead of schedule, baby!

Today is the start of my spring break from school, and I’m going to make an effort to hit the gym really hard. It’s nice to have a week to get into the groove. Weights 3x a week and cardio 2x. I need to figure out how to fit that into my already insane schedule normally.

Weighed myself again and I’m 170.8 pounds. Going to the gym today….can’t wait to see the number tomorrow!

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‘Stall Good!

I don’t know how this happened. It’s a keto miracle.

I’m already out of my stall. And my period is over. WHAAAAAAT?

Now, I’m trying to not get too excited, because there is a solid possibility that PISS hasn’t even happened yet, and I was stalled only because of my period. I could go right back into one. I know that. However, after a 1 pound gain on the scale last week, it was nice to hop on today (not even my weigh-in day!) and see that it’s gone down again. 171.0! Exactly 10 pounds lost since I started losing weight again.

171!I’m not going to measure myself until Saturday morning, officially. I can’t be as obsessive with the measurements because it comes off in such tiny increments. My goal is to lose 3 pounds total off my waist and hips per month. I know it’s steep, but dammit, go big or go home! So to commemorate losing 10 pounds, I totally dressed up really cute and took a selfie. Because I’m cool like that. I don’t really have a before picture at 181….couldn’t bring myself to take one. I was a little too heartbroken. But enjoy my cuteness regardless!

Onto the next 10 pounds! That will be 161! Almost back to where I started! Looking at it now, it’s not nearly as daunting. I was hoping to be around there by April 1st….now that almost 2 weeks of March was stuck in a stall, don’t think that’s going to happen. But I’m going to hit the gym as hard as I can to try to get there. Sticking to my goal of being a healthy weight (145!) by early June. I don’t know if I can do it….I really need to lose about 9 pounds a month starting now to hit it. I have exactly 12 weeks, or 3 months. I can do this! If I just stay strong and keto on!!!

Can’t wait to see the weight really come off. This is as long as I’ve ever been able to do keto, and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I feel great and so far haven’t been tempted to cheat! I’m really proud of myself for sticking to it this time. I know getting through the first month of it is the most challenging part, and I’m almost at 3 weeks. Time for the real progress to start!

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Inches matter, too!

So this morning is the dreaded weigh-in, and of course, I’m up a pound. 173.8….bumming me out. Yes, I know I’m on my period, plus I could be going through P.I.S.S. So I’m really trying to not take it to heart.
This morning I bought a tape measure and gave myself the ol’ once over….and that tells a much happier story! I got my measurements taken at the gym right before I started keto. Though they measured all over my body, right now I’m just focusing on the big ones….waist, hips, and thighs.
A few weeks ago:
Waist – 33.5 inches
Hips – 45.5 inches
Thighs – 25.875 inches
Waist – 32.5 inches
Hips – 44 inches
Thighs – 25.25 inches
For a total of just over 3 inches lost from everywhere. That’s not too shabby! I went ahead and looked at my “ideal” body measurements. I wish there were more measurements posted online so I could actually get a visual approximation…the ones I have right now I’m basing off of sizing charts. So these might change as I learn more about body measurements in general, but right now I’d like to measure 36(boobs), 26(waist), 36(hips). Perfect hourglass, right? Of course, I’ll never end up looking like that. I actually got those measurements based on only my waist and hips, and tacked on the boobs. I sort of doing care how big or small those are, as long as they’re in proportion. But I’m most concerned about waist/hips. I’m 14.5 total inches away from that goal (8 inches on the hips, 6.5 inches on the waist). I can do this! If I lose around 3 inches a month, I’ll be there in no time! Who cares what the scale says?
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Getting in the groove

I’ve been eating keto for almost 2 weeks now and I love it! Still feeling great – full, satisfied, and all the food is obviously yummy!

However, I’m going to try not to take tomorrow’s weigh in to heart. The dreaded period has started and is in full swing….no clue how long it will last. That, plus this being right around the time that PISS starts….I’m sure that I’ll see a gain on the scale. The best case scenario is to be the same weight as last week. So I have to keep reminding myself of that.

The hardest part about being on keto is running out of food so often! We’ve always been snackers rather than 3-meals-per-day types, so we could buy big boxes of things like popcorn, packs of pudding, etc, and they’d last. Now, we’re buying meat and veggies and eating a LOT of them at every meal. This isn’t the cheapest diet, but it’s definitely worth how good we feel.

Just wanted to give a little update! Now I need a handle of ibuprofen and a heating pad :( Periods suck.

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