Keto lunch


I actually remembered to pack some food with me today, and I ate a delicious and filling keto breakfast this morning! Scrambled egg, bacon, and avocado…yum yum!! I’ll be full off that for a while, lots of protein to keep me going. But since I work 9 hours with no break today, I’m happy I also remembered to pack some good keto snacks. They will be:

1. Salami slices with cream cheese
2. Spoonful of peanut butter
3. Small bag of almonds

Yum! I don’t know if I’ll even eat all that, I’ll probably just stick to the salami and peanut butter. Later tonight I think my fiancĂ© is making some lean beef burgers and I’ll make a buttload of spinach. I’m loving eating like this! When I’m actually stocked up on keto-friendly foods, it’s fantastic.

Oh, here’s a great tip! The only thing we were missing and worried about was dessert – we can’t have fruit, so even fruit pops, which are pretty healthy, are out. And I can’t make smoothies because we can’t have bananas, etc. So we were a bit concerned. Luckily, my best friend turned me on to jello and whipped cream – 0 carbs and 1g of carbs, respectively, and mega mega delicious!! Even if you’re not keto, this is a great one to have in your arsenal, because a jello cup topped with whipped cream totals only 25 calories! Scrumptious.

Speaking of calories, I really haven’t been counting them. I’ve been vaguely keeping track, but I’m sure I’ve been eating over my normal limits. However, I’m about to start paying WAY more attention, because yesterday I bought the BodyMedia armband. It tracks all the calories you burn all day, as well as moderate and vigorous activity, and syncs up with your computer where you can input calories consumed. I’m so excited about it! I think it’s going to be an awesome motivator, seeing how many calories I’m burning, and working towards a goal. It should arrive early this week, and you’ll get all the in-depth details, of course!!

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2 thoughts on “Keto lunch

  1. Jess says:

    Here’s a really good low carb recipe blog, including desserts! I consider trying keto sometimes, so I’m interested to see how you get on. Especially as you enjoy healthy food. How are your energy levels for exercise?

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